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Learning Python For Fun

So I’ve decided to learn Python. I’ve bought a book called “Python Programming: An Introduction To Computer Science”. The thing about this book is that it is more of an introduction to programming in general than Python. It only uses Python as a starting language. I’ve always wanted to learn how to program ever since the 90’s, when I used to mess around with scripts in mIRC (anyone remember that chat program?). I also used to make mini-games using Game Maker which has its own language based on C. So I’ve had a little bit of experience with coding. Not to mention, I’m pretty fluent in HTML, CSS and messing around with WordPress themes. I even made my own once (for a friend). So, I’m not a total beginner when it comes to code.

Still, I’m pretty much a novice on actually understanding more advanced concepts of programming. What I’ve done in the past can be considered child’s play compared to the stuff most web developers do nowadays. I want to learn how to do stuff like that, though it’s probably going to take me a while. I haven’t had the time to master a specific programming language enough that I can confidently say that I’m an expert at it. And I’m not really the programmer type. I mean, I don’t know many languages in real life, nor is math my forte. However, I do like the logical reasoning behind programming. I’m pretty good at that.

So we’ll see how far I go with this. I’m confident if I put time and effort, learning Python will be a breeze.